A few resources for Lucas County gardeners:

Horticulture Hotline,  419-578-6783  lucascountymastergardener@gmail.com 

Soil testing - OSU Factsheet https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/hyg-1132

VegNet Newsletter weekly, seasonal updates for Ohio growers. Written by the Vegetable and Fruit Crops team, some topics might be of interest to vegetable gardeners.

2022 Garden Handouts:

2022 Lucas County Head Start Garden Toolkit

Additional Resources:

Fall Vegetable Garden - what seeds to plant in July and August for a fall crop go.osu.edu/fallveggarden

Northwest Ohio Community Garden Resource Guide

Square Foot Gardening, Penn State Master Gardener Volunteer Program

What's in Season? Chart from Ohio Farm Bureau to show what produce is ready for harvest across the spring, summer and fall months. 

How do you enjoy or best access distance learning? 

Read (and possibly print) bulletins, articles and factsheets:

Watch online lessons:

  • Tim McDermott, the Agriculture and Natural Resource Educator in Franklin County (central Ohio), is currently publishing a blog on Local Food Production. He has photos, articles, updates and slide shows on different topics including community gardening and container gardening. You are welcome to subscribe to his blog: https://u.osu.edu/growingfranklin/extension-linksinformation/ 
    • Additional information for Lucas County gardeners: if you have general questions about gardening, please utilize the local Horticulture Hotline. If you are interested in online training (similar to what Tim promotes on his blog) feel free to contact Lucas County staff. 
  • Farming and Gardening with Arthritis and Other Physical Limitations. Laura Akgerman, Disability Services Coordinator: Ohio AgrAbility and OSU Extension  
    • Ohio AgrAbility has an emphasis on working with farmers but a lot of the information will be useful for gardeners as well. One hour presentation.

Watch short video clips