Lucas County 4-H School Enrichment Programs

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Real Money, Real World

Real Money. Real World. (RMRW) is a financial literacy program that gives youth the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults. The curriculum includes five classroom lessons geared toward 7th – 12th graders.  In the simulation, students assume the role of a 27-year-old married adult and receive an occupation, monthly salary, and a number of children. Students learn to subtract savings, taxes, and health insurance costs from their monthly income. The amount of money left over is what they have to spend during the simulation activity. The simulation involves community volunteers staffing real-life business booths. Students spend their salaries at the booths on items typically found in a monthly budget.


Robots 101

Students will dive into the world of robotics through this 4-part series. Through using the Lego NXT Mindstorm robot kits the students will build and program robots to complete simple tasks. They will learn the basics of robotics technology and how it is used in everyday life. Little to no prior knowledge of robotics is required.


Coding Masters

Students will learn a wide variety of computer coding skills from basic coding to building their own game. Using Swift Playgrounds and Everyone Can Code curriculum the students will get a immersive and hands-on approach to coding. Coding activities can be done for most subjects in the classroom and can be adapted to meet State Standards. Students will not only learn about coding they will learn skills that will help them in the workplace later in life.


Sphero Robotics

Learn how to program robots with the Sphero Bolt. Students will start with learning the basics of robotics and will end with programming a Sphero Bolt robot to do different tasks. This program is great for learning basic shapes (for younger audiences) and multiple levels of math for older students. 


Google Applied Skills

This digital literacy curriculum, which is part of the Grow with Google initiative, helps middle school, high school, and adult learners obtain new digital skills using G Suite so that they can prepare for job and life situations. Key features of the curriculum include:

Video-based - Engaging videos allow instructors to facilitate and provide individualized support where needed.

Practical life applications - Digital skills in the lessons focus on accomplishing a task and solving problems that relate to everyday lives, like budgeting for a purchase, or planning an event.


STEM Pathways Challenges

STEM Pathways provides hands-on, problem-based and inquiry learning to support the “inspire to prepare” approach for propelling young people on a STEM career path. The jobs of the future are in STEM! Ohio State University Extension is working to inspire young people to want to pursue a career in STEM. Challenges include: Eggstraordinary Power, Cookie Prospecting, Corny Polymer Balls, and many more!


Generation Rx

Generation Rx is a collection of age-appropriate, engaging resources that educate children about medication safety principles, equipping them with a foundation for understanding how to use medicines safely before they enter their teen and adult years. They may be used in small or large groups, as stand-alone activities, or in combination with other lessons. Some activities may be better suited for younger children (grades K-2), while others may be more appropriate for older students (grades 3-5). There are also lessons that are suited for teens.



The STEMcoding project involves three things: (1) fun, interactive coding activities designed for high-school physics, and eventually math and chemistry, (2) we offer professional development to science & math teachers, especially in Ohio, (3) we partner with existing camps to offer “Physics of Video Games” activities for high school students.


Bug Science

Through participating in hands-on projects, games, and activities students from grades K-5 will learn about the basics of what makes an insect, an insect. They will learn about the different types of insects including pollinators and what they do for the world around us.


Youth Entrepreneurship

Students will learn what it takes to own their own business. Through hands-on activities they students will learn about the various aspects of entrepreneurship. Learning topics include: marketing, leadership, costs, managerial skills, and much more.