Youth EFNEP is a free program that offers a series of 6-7 lessons.  Lessons include: Exploring MyPlate and the Five Food Groups, Dairy, Dairy, Dairy, Fun with Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Breakfast, and Sugar Sense, Protein Power, Fat Facts, Healthy Snacks, and Food Safety!  

EFNEP uses a variety of fun, exciting, and educational activities to promote the topics taught and to reinforce being physically active every day.  Some of the heart pumping activities include:

  • Dairy Upset
  • Fruit and Veggie Tag
  • Great Grains Obstacle Course
  • Protein Power Relay
  • Think Your Drink
  • Germ Tag
  • Food Group Stretches

For more information contact Suzanne Saggese at or 419-574-0985.