Graduates of EFNEP significantly increased knowledge and improved behaviors in diet quality (88%), food resource management (77%), and food safety (53%) resulting graduates running out of food less often each month.  EFNEP graduates increased their physical activity levels and fruit and vegetable consumption upon completing EFNEP.

Completing 6 lessons, a total of 1171 youth graduated in EFNEP in 2015.  Youth reported significant increases in knowledge and positive behavior changes in the areas of diet quality (82%).


Youth Participant:

"I tried Kiwi yesterday for the first time.  At first I thought it looked nasty, but my mom said I had to try it because I asked her to buy it.  I thought of you ( youth PA) and how you said we should be brave and try new things.  So I did, and I liked it!"

School Teacher:

"I loved and the youth loved the hands on materials!"

Adult Participant:

"Now after taking EFNEP's Eat Smart-Be Active, we are all on fat free milk.  My son didn't even notice the difference."