July 25, 2023 - 8:58am -- stone.91@osu.edu

This week's Garden Column in the Toledo Blade, did not have enough space to cover everything that I wanted. Here are the highlights, plus the added information that I thought you would find helpful as you dig deeper on each pest. 

  • Beech Leaf Disease – an issue facing our beech trees that was first identified in Ohio in 2014. While not confirmed in Lucas County, our neighbors to the west in Fulton County detected it in Goll Woods.
  • Boxwood Tree Moth – a recent find in Ohio in July of this year, the known infestation is in southeast Ohio, but could pop-up anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for this boxwood defoliator and killer.
  • Oak Wilt – an ongoing threat to our oaks, specifically serious to the red oak family. This disease is spread through root grafts underground, and moved above ground by a beetle.
  • Spongy Moth – while feeding of this caterpillar is winding down, adult activity will be noticed soon. While they have a rather diverse plant palette, oaks and spruces are towards the top of the list.
  • Spotted Lanternfly – this non-native insect is spreading, and populations are popping up. The first SLF adult planthoppers of the year were observed in Cincinnati last week. This means we will be seeing them soon in areas where the nymphs are currently feeding.
  • Oriental Bittersweet – also referred to as the Kudzu of the north. Its winding stems can choke the plants that it climbs and covers.
  • Kudzu – an introduction to the south that has been working its way north. It too grows over plants in the same way as Oriental bittersweet, and it has adapted to withstand our winters.

If you have additional questions about any of these pests, please reach out to our Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator in Lucas County, Amy Stone, at stone.91@osu.edu