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Lucas County Program Assistant, Ruguena Modisett has a Feature Story in the Winter 2018 EFNEP Success Stories Newsletter!  Here's the story, told by Ruguena Modisett:

I have classes at an after school program and recently witnessed a wonderful moment after our dairy lesson. After we completed our physical activity, we returned to the lunchroom where we met and we discussed Dairy. I showed the ‘Different Fat but Same Nutrition’ milk cups. Most of the kids were surprised that the yellow stuff was fat. Some seemed to make the connection to what was in their refrigerator at home. Some were saying, “I don’t like milk!” I went on to show them the bone loss model and I heard all kinds of remarks on that! Then it was time to make our ‘Pudding in a Cup’ recipe. I have done this plenty of times before, so I always ask the counselor after my first lesson if there are any milk allergies. Luckily there were none.

As I went over the directions, I handed a cup of milk to everyone in the class. I gave clear instructions and everyone participated. I went to each child and put some sugar free pudding in their cup and put the lid on. Than it was time to shake it. We shook the cups high, then low, then to the right, then to the left. We did it loud, then quiet. I asked them if they could hear anything in their cups. They were asking, “Can we eat it?” I gave each one a spoon and a napkin, and then told them to take their lids off. Their faces were amazed when they realized they had actually made pudding! By then it was time for their parents to pick them up. As I was cleaning up the tables I heard a 2nd grader tell her mom what we had done that day. The parent said to her, “I thought you didn’t drink milk?” The little girl replied “I don’t drink milk…I eat it!”