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Strengthening families, the community and the economy is the mission of the Ohio State University Extension's Family and Consumer Sciences program. The Ohio State University Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) program is unrolling a new volunteer program in 2017.

FCS volunteers can currently apply for one of two roles. Advocates will work with legislators and other stakeholders to lend support for adequate funding for FCS programs. Promoters will be involved in public awareness campaigns, operate dissplays at health fairs and be involved in other FCS events.

In the future, the state will also add a teaching component to the FCS volunteer program. Teaching volunteers will undergo extensive training to help lead established FCS programs.

For each volunteer program position description, please click on the following:

Applicants are asked to complete a short application, a screening interview, provide at least two references, permit a criminal history/fingerprint background check and participate in an orientation session.

More information about the state FCS Volunteer program is available online here. For Frequently Asked Questions, visit here.

Anyone interseted in Lucas County may contact Patrice Powers-Barker at powers-barker.1@osu.edu or 419-213-2022.

2017 Dates:  

  • Application deadline January 15, 2017
  • Volunteer Orientation in Columbus, Ohio Tuesday March 21, 2017