March 7, 2019 - 3:31pm --

City of Toledo accepting applications to provide water access for Community Gardens

The Community Garden Water Program is designed to provide access to water on urban lots where neighborhood organizations and non-profit partners help residents grow healthy fresh foods in community gardens.

Community organizations may apply now through April 1 to be considered to receive a water tap, curb stop, meter pit, remote-read meter, backflow prevention device, and a hose connection for gardens where water is not readily available. Estimated value: $2000.

The Community Garden Water Program application is available online at, in person at the DPU Customer Walk-In Center at 420 Madison Avenue or through partner organizations Toledo GROWs, OSU Extension, and the Center for Innovative Food Technology. Organizations may apply anytime, but applications will be reviewed twice a year, based on whether they were received prior to April 1 or September 1.

You may also click below to download an application or additional program information. 

Community Garden Water Program Application

Community Garden Water Program Information