October 27, 2016 - 1:35pm -- lawrence.638@osu.edu

What is a SPIN Club?

Its getting to be cold out and some youth may start to get cabin fever during the cold Northwest Ohio Winters. Do you have a skill, hobby, or SPecial INterest that kids might be interested in? YOU can turn that into a 4-H Club. Although SPIN Clubs are not the same as Traditional, Community Based Clubs, they still pack the punch in excitement, education, and fun!

Topics of SPIN Clubs can include (but not limited to) nature, heritage arts, science, photography, gardening, shooting sports, robots, or anything your imagination can think of! If you are ready to start a SPIN Club and have at least 5 kids interested as well then email Elliott Lawrence, Lucas County 4-H Educator, at lawrence.638@osu.edu.

Check out our SPIN Club website at https://lucas.osu.edu/SPIN for more details!