Family and Consumer Sciences' money management programs empower participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create their own financial future.  In Lucas County we offer we promote financial literacy across the lifespan.

  • Smart Start With Money: Teaching Preschoolers About Money. OSU Extension curriculum with lessons for preschool teachers.
  • Creating a Household Spending Plan. General household budgeting classes for  adults could include financial goal-setting, spending plan creation, debt reduction, credit report management, and financial record organization
  • Manage Your Money is an Ohio State University Extension six-week course to help adults focus on financial wellbeing. Learn about individual and family values about money, where your money goes, how to save, plan your spending, limit debt and organize financial records. In Lucas County, Manage Your Money can be offered in two ways: as a six-week community class in partnership with a community organization or as a six-week online email challenge.
  • Online Manage Your Money email challenge, adults (6-week challenge, often offered at the beginning of the year). Powers-Barker posted a blog in 2015, "Why I Am Bringing Work Home" to share a personal perspective of participating in the 6-week challenge.
  • Homebuyer Education
  • Real Money, Real World (for 7th through 12th grade)

For more information or to schedule a class, please contact Patrice Powers-Barker at or 419-574-0983.