Click here to sign up for the 2020 spring email challenge

Do you feel like you don’t have time to spend doing the things that are important to you? Or you just can’t get enough rest or the physical activity that you should? To work on these and other time related skills join Ohio State University Extension for their “It’s All About Time” Spring 2020 Email Wellness six-week challenge.

This springtime 6-week email wellness challenge for healthy living tips and encouragement to help you make you most of this time. You will receive twice-weekly email messages.

When? April 6th - May 18th, 2020 

What does it cost? Nothing – Participation is Free!

Who can participate? Any adult with an email account

Includes? E-mail challenge messages sent 2 times per week, a health tracking log to help you make changes, and lots of encouraging tips!

Where do I sign up?

Download a hard copy of the calendar to log your success

Copy of Flyer


Live Healthy Live Well - offered throughout the year

Live Healthy Live Well offers two online email challenges per year, one in the spring and one in late fall/winter. The topics vary depending on the time of year but a favorite one is the "Zero Weight Gain" which runs from November through January. Each challenge has two emails a week and covers topics such as Water First for Thirst, increase your fruits and vegetables and add Physical Activity as part of your routine. The challenges are free to adults who have an email address.

For information about the next challenge, please contact Patrice at