The Ignite Grant and afterschool cooking club concluded in the Summer of 2017 in Lucas County. This webpage shares some of the highlights of that program, a list of resources, and some of their favorite recipes. A Toledo Public Schools as Community Hubs site was one of two sites in Ohio to be part of the Ignite, Sparking Youth to Create Healthy Communities grant. This grant was geared toward sixth through eighth graders to create healthy choices for themselves, within their school and community. The main goal was to encourage adolescents to overcome barriers to eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and becoming more active. The youth participated in an afterschool cooking club. The Blender Bike was used in the community to encourage adolescents, their families, and neighborhoods to enjoy health and wellness.


Check out photos of some of our programs and recipes here.



What types of food do we make? The following recipes have all been prepared and taste-tested by the Cooking Club members: