The State Home Food Preservation team hosted online classes and open time for questions and answers. All recordings are posted at Recorded topics include Jams and Jellies, Canning & Freezing Vegetables, Canning & Freezing Fruit, Pickles and Salsa.

Interested in watching "how to" can and freeze videos? Please visit Ohio State University Extension Home Food Preservation page 

LUCAS COUNTY INFORMATION: OSU Extension, Lucas County offers pressure canner gauge testing.  Please contact Patrice for an appointment at or 419-574-0983. Please email or call in advance to schedule a day and time.

OSU Extension Food Preservation Resources (2 page handout) - includes list of food preservation industry contacts for equipment, ingredients and other supplies. This handout is used at all OSU Extension Home Food Preservation classes in Lucas County.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation

Fact Sheets: To find directions and recipes for canning, freezing or drying foods, visit OSU Extension's website and click on "FOOD". Here is a sample of Fact Sheets that you will find on ohioline.