Are you interested in giving a donation to Lucas County 4-H?

You can donate any amount of money directly to Lucas County 4-H by following the link below:

Give to 4-H

  1. Choose your amount of money to donate (any amount can be entered)
  2. Locate the "Search" tab on the right side of the screen and enter the Lucas County 4-H fund number: 315360
  3. Click "Select" to make "Lucas County 4-H Program Support Fund" your area to support
  4. Add the gift to your giving list
  5. Fill out your personal information
  6. Fill out the additional information at the bottom of the page (optional)
  7. Click "Give Now"

  • Donations can be made in memory of or in honor of someone
  • Money goes directly to funding 4-H programs locally in Lucas County
  • With the money donated to Lucas County 4-H youth are able to participate in a wide variety of programs and camps

Thank you for your generosity!