Farm to school initiatives help strengthen the connection communities have with the local food system. Farm to school assists families in making positive food choices, supports the local economy, and contributes to vibrant communities. Programs may differ by location but generally include one more more activites in the following areas:

  • Cafeteria: Local foods are purchased, promoted, and served in the cafeteria, as a snack, or as classroom taste-test.
  • Classroom: Students participate in standards-based education activities related to agriculture, science, health, or nutrition.
  • Community: Schools are purchasing from local growers, developing school gardens, engaging in community events, and educating staff, students, and parents on the benefits of local food support.

Local Resources

Local Foods, Lucas County- Farm to School Toolkit:

Resources from the Northwest Ohio Farm to School Conference, Friday October 14 2016

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State Resources

Farm to School, Ohio State University Extension

National Farm to School Network, Ohio

Ohio Farm to School on Facebook

2015 National Farm to School Census Results including Find Your Ohio School District

National Resources

USDA Farm to School Program - Food and Nutrition Service

USDA Farm to School Factsheets:

USDA Food Safety Resources

National Farm to School Network