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OSU Extension, Lucas County is pleased to partner with the Ebeid Center to offer once a month lunchtime classes related to gardening and healthy living in 2020. Join one class or come to all of them. RSVP (free) online through

4th Thursdays of the month 12-1pm at the Ebeid Center, 1806 Madison Avenue, Toledo, OH. 2nd floor above Market on the Green.

Currently scheduled classes by OSU Extension, Lucas County include:

Starting Garden Seeds by Amy Stone, Thursday, March 26, 12pm – 1pm

Are you ready to start a garden? Do you know what seeds can be planted outside and what seeds need to be started indoors while it’s still cold? This program will help you look at your garden plans for 2020 and decide when to start!

Planning the Garden by Patrice Powers-Barker, Thursday, April 23, 12-1pm

Taking time to ask yourself questions, assess your space and plan a garden will help with your success. We can’t control everything (like the weather) but we can put a good plan into place for 2020.

Using Technology to Improve Your Garden by Elliott Lawrence, Thursday, May 28, 12-1pm

Learn how to best search the web for reliable information, signing up for blogs, using YouTube, and other types of technology to garden. You know the importance of being outside and not behind a screen, but what if you can use technology to help you enjoy the great outdoors? You+technology+nature=happiness

Participant Choice by Amy Stone, Thursday, June 25

We’re headed into the middle of the vegetable garden season! What’s next? This class is participant choice (based on a vote at the May 28th session) and will focus on problem solving common summer garden topics.

Basic Home Food Preservation by Patrice Powers-Barker, Thursday, July 22

When canning, freezing or drying foods, OSU Extension promotes: basic food safety principles, knowing when it is safe and appropriate to use either water bath canning or pressure canning and where to access resources from the USDA, OSU Extension and other research-based sources.