Lucas County Extension celebrates FCS Day by "Dining In"!

OSU Extension, Lucas County is excited to join thousands of families and numerous national organizations to celebrate "Dine In" on Family and Consumer Sciences Day, Decemeber 3rd. Anyone can take the national pledge online to commit to eating together as a family. “Dining In” can be as simple as planning to eat together as a family. Add these other easy steps for local resources as well as being counted as part of the national event:  

  • Make the pledge to prepare and enjoy a family meal together. To be part of the nationwide celebration, visit the AAFCS webpage, Sign up, yourself and family or your group to dine in on FCS Day, December 3rd. It's easy to commit to the pledge. For the last question, please indicate "Other: OSU Extension, Lucas County" 
  • Pick up a Kit for Family Meal Planning at OSU Extension, Lucas County.  What tools do you use for planning family meals? You are invited to pick up a free “toolkit” of technology tips, dry erase board for meal planning and additional resources.
  • Encourage your friends to pledge. Share your favorite easy recipe! Invite friends and family over to eat together.  
  • Dine In with your family and friends the week of December 3rd. Enjoy! Remember, “Dine In” is designed to be simple. Make the meal easy and fun.
  • Post your Story, Pictures or Menu on Lucas County Extension Facebook. If you share your photo on social media use the national hashtags #FCSday, #healthyfamselfie and the local hashtag #LiveSmartLucas. Follow us on Facebook at Lucas County Extension. 

Flyer for Dine In 2018

Additional Information:

Why celebrate Dine In Day on December 3rd every year?  Read, Patrice's blog written about December 3rd, Ellen Swallow Richard's Birthday

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Contact Patrice Powers-Barker with questions